You’re Awesome

We know it you’re awesome and so is your company. How good are you at telling others just how awesome you are?

As George Berkeley once said, “If a tree falls in the forest and no-one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

I’ll re-purpose George’s quote for the modern business “If your company is awesome and no-one knows about it, is your company awesome?”

The truth is, of course, you are awesome, you do great work, but you just need to work on being able to get your message in front of the right people.

But, I hear you ask, how do I do that?

Fear not I’ve collated a list of five easy ways to get your message in front of the right people.

Be A Genuine Resource
Being a resource isn’t about giving your company secrets away. You have customers who have questions and wants.
If you can answer those questions and give them the resources they need, it will position you as an authority in your niche. It also tells everyone how awesome you are because you are willing to help them out. They know they can come to you when they need to know things. You soon become the first port of call, which means when your lovely customers want to buy something, who are they going to think of first?

Start A Blog
This is a bit like being a genuine resource above, but this time you are concentrating on telling the story of your company. Hands up who sends memos and bulletins to other departments saying that a new product or service is available? Yes, I can see at the back trying to send one now.
Ask yourself this;
“Who is telling my customers about our new product?”
“Are they telling it the way I want them to? ”
Write a blog post about it, include photos, videos, even animation and whoa… your customer knows all about your new product, and guess what? No-one has had to tell them. They found it on your blog, and if you combine this with SEO they found it from searching about their problem.

SEO and Content Marketing
This is only for those who understand SEO and content marketing, but if you don’t, you should learn about it. You are definitely missing out by not using SEO and Content Marketing (If you have a marketing team who are not using this, then you really need to ask what they are doing each day!)
SEO is all about getting your blog posts and content in front of people when they search on Google (other search engines are available) When someone types in ‘funny cat videos’ SEO is the magic in the background that fills your screen with the umpteen thousand pieces of content that people have lovingly produced.
Content Marketing is about how you can take your existing content (remember those blog posts you wrote before?) and how they can be used in things like podcasts, videos, short bulleted lists etc. – You make your money work for you, this is about making your content work just as hard for you.
Seriously though, this is a little more in-depth but if you are wanting to use SEO and Content Marketing I advise learning about it, and while you learn you can get someone in to help you out, point you in the right direction so that you are doing as you learn. (You will learn a lot faster doing it this way.) If you really don’t want to get involved, there are people out there who can do the whole thing for you – No excuse to not think about this one then.

Make An Explainer Video
I love videos, and being in a company that makes explainer videos, I had to get this in. Explainer videos are the perfect way to tell the story of your products. Remember when you were younger, sitting on the couch watching cartoons. Remember how good they were to watch? How entertained you were?
That’s what explainer videos are. They entertain your audience while demonstrating your product. Now if you get the story of your product right, you have the perfect combination and the best way to make your products go viral!
Unless you have a marketing team, you’re going to have to outsource this one, but to be honest, I recommend outsourcing it for two reasons.
One – You are close to your product and being close to it, you talk about the features, it has a light on it that has the power of one million candles. In reality, all your customers care about is that it can light up the gloom of the dark nights so they can see that they’re not treading in a puddle and their socks don’t get wet. Features are useful, but no-one buys features, people buy solutions to their problems
Two – Trends and styles keep on changing, and by doing explainer videos daily, these trends and styles are always current in the video produced.
If you are interested in having an explainer video give me a shout, they’re not as expensive as you think, and I’ll make sure you get a good deal 🙂

Find Someone who can write about you
This one is very similar to writing blogs above, but the difference is someone else is doing the writing, and you are getting exposure on their online (and offline) publications. Getting someone to write about you is the same as asking for reviews. Are there people who are in your niche that others look to for advice? (If you can remember back to the first point, you could be that person.)
Even better, why not hire someone to create this type of content for you? Copywriters are professional, and they know how to craft words so that they appeal to your target audience. Plus, if you have been taking notes on the SEO and Content Marketing point above, you can take this written content and make it work for you. One piece of well-written content should be able to be used in four different ways.

That’s the end of my five short tips, why not take on board some of these and see how they can help you tell people about how awesome you are.

It’s not that hard, the hardest part is being awesome in the first place, and you’ve got that covered. So why not go that extra little way and make sure people are in the forest to hear your sound!


For all you people who like to read all the way to the end, kudos to you and I’ve got a bonus tip here for you.
Go Crazy with Gimics
Gimics that are sent out to your contacts definitely get you noticed. The crazier the gimic, the more attention it will get. I have heard that one company actually had 5000 chocolate frogs made to let everyone in their contact list know they had changed their company name.
One thing to be aware of before you start to order those frogs. Make sure the gimic is related to the product that you are wanting to make people aware of. Chocolate frogs are good to advertise a company name change to frog, but the message would be lost if it was to let people know you have a new piece of software available. (Unless that was called frog too!)

That’s all, have a read through and see how many things you can take on board so that your message is out there and people know about you.

As always R55 Digital Media are here to help you whether you need video, animation (remember the explainer videos?) copywriting, consulting or content management.
We work with you to understand the message you want to deliver so that we can be sure the method used is the right one. We will gladly work with your marketing teams to help guide and create the content you need for the modern day web-savvy world.


Why not email me to inquire how I can help you.


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