Why are we called R55 Digital Media?

The name R55 Digital Media on the surface doesn’t tell the whole story of why we are called R55 Digital Media.

The R55 harks back to the days when I used to do a lot of computer coding. I would annotate the code I wrote with ru55ell.

This identified the writer as my very good self.

Ru55ell Digital Media is a bit long (even for me!) so I looked at ways of shortening it. Ru55, which would be Russ, was a good start, but I read it as a question. ‘Are you fifty-five?’

I’m not just wanting to position myself to people who are fifty-five and so I dropped the ‘u’ bring me to R55.

The rest is history and R55 Digital Media was born.

To coin a phrase from a well-known actor. not a lot of people know that!



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