Motion Graphics

As Business and Brand owners we all know that:

  • Graphics are important.
  • Video is important.

But which do you use? do you just use static graphics and images? Or do you go full out on video production, hire a crew, get a storyboard and end up spending thousands?

There are lots of business mentors and coaches who are now saying that as a business or brand owner if you are not using video then you are being irresponsible for not allowing your business or brand to grow into the future.”

Motion graphics combines both of these elements and gives video content polish and sparkle. With the addition of motion graphics, the video content can be reduced to the product or service that you are selling. It doesn’t have to have lots of lifestyle and actors. The motion graphics combine with the video content and lead the viewer through your story.

The best bit? Motion graphics are affordable.

This is a recent project we completed for a viral video style for Taco Tuesday.

It has some simple motion graphic techniques but when combined with the video content it really helps to bring the viewer into the content and engage them.

Add some branding to your company within the video and you have a really powerful viral video style that will bring traffic and interest to your brand.

Why not email us to see how we can use motion graphics to help bring traffic and awareness to your brand.

Hope to speak to you soon about how we can work on a project together.

Russell from R55

R55 Digital Media is a company based in Cheshire specialising in After Effect template creation, and video graphics creation.



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