Motion Graphics for Courses

Do you create online courses?

Are you wondering what the best way of adding section intros is?

R55 Digital Media have got your back.

Once you have created your course content we will produce the section intros that you need for your video content. – We can also edit your video content as well if you really want a record it and leave approach to your course creation.

Section intros and motion graphics within your online courses really help to keep your viewers engaged, informed, and overall it raises your course from average to visually outstanding.

If you think about it, if your course is engaging, you will get great reviews. This then all adds up to more sales of your course and extra revenue for you. So for a little extra outlay can you afford not to give your course the finishing touches that will drive more revenue for you?

Email us and see what polish we can add to your video content. It might be less than you think!

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