How Do I Get More Followers

As an agency, the question of “How do I get more followers?” or “I want you to get me more followers” always comes up. It’s as though the amount of followers someone has is a valuable metric.

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I would like to say that it is, but a more valuable metric is engagement, and that means creating content that your existing followers will like and engage with. Answer the questions that they have, solve their problems, and be there for them. Why?

There has been quite a bit of research done across various Social Media platforms about what content and niches are working well. The surprising results came back as Bible Quotes, and Pastors who were posting uplifting posts were doing the best. This went against what was expected and so more research was done, and it confirmed it. When it was looked into why this was it was found that these posts were getting massive engagement. Lots of shares, likes, retweets, and comments.

When Social Media platforms change their algorithms to make their platforms better they always favour accounts who are getting good engagement levels. At the end of the day, that’s what the Social Media platforms are after, accounts who have engagement as it draws people in. By having great engagement these Bible Quotes and Pastors were getting more visibility from the algorithm changes, and more visibility means even more followers.

So how can you get more followers? Look after the ones you have currently, and let the Social Media platforms bring you, new followers.

If you’re starting from zero, you have no following whatsoever, don’t panic. Look at the type of content your competitors are producing, and emulate it for your brand or business. Share posts from others, and answer any questions that people who you would like to follow you have. By doing this you are showing a human side, that your followers mean a lot to you, and people will join and follow you. Nurture that following and the Social Media platforms will make sure you grow.

As for valuable metrics, you can have thousands of followers, but if no-one is actually engaging with your brand or business does it really matter that they are there? They’re not listening to what you have to say and more importantly, they are giving you a false hope that they might actually become a customer.

The most important metric is how much engagement you are generating. How many people are sharing, liking and commenting?

These are the people who are more likely to become customers in the future. If you are reporting the number of followers or having it reported to you, ask to see the engagement statistics. See what content is performing well, and keep on producing more like it. For the content that not’s doing too well, change it and see if that makes a difference. At the end of the day make your content relevant to the people following you and you will get your engagement statistics up.

If you need any help in researching or creating the content that your followers love please feel free to email russell@r55digitalmedia.com and we can help you nurture your followers.



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