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We all know explainer videos. The cutesy cartoon style animations that inform us and sell us new products and services.

We also know how many different companies are pushing easy to use ‘drag and drop’ software that they say from one small outlay you will be able to revolutionise your video content and brand.

It’s not so easy when you do take the plunge and buy the software. Even if you can somehow manage to get the blocks of animation in the right order, the script doesn’t write itself. (But you can buy scripts online for even more money.) Online scripts are not personal to your brand or product and while they may work for XYZ Corp, they don’t seem to cut it for you. Plus you’ve got to train someone who works for you to create the videos, or even worse get someone in who has the experience.

If you want to go down the route of getting a company to create a video for you, some charge upwards of £1000 for a simple 30-second animation. That’s a lot of money for anyone and means your top line is reduced accordingly. Also once you have your expensive video it might not appeal to your audience, which let’s face it means that your audience won’t have any engagement and won’t watch your fancy video. If you don’t get views how can people know who you are and get in touch with you to make the sale, or be educated?

In the end, you decide that maybe video isn’t for you and you keep to the ways that you know. in 2019 companies are recognising that people are responding to video content and brands that employ video are enjoying more engagement with customers which means they get more sales.

R55 Digital Media are here to try your way of thinking. We work with you on the script to make sure not only the subject is explained in a way that your audience understands, but the script is personalised to your brand, product or service. Plus we don’t charge the eye-watering amounts that some other companies charge.

R55 Digital Media take control of the process and once the scope has been defined we will script and produce the storyboard for your approval. Once approved we go ahead and produce your explainer video. It’s a fast painless process that leaves you doing what you are great at.

Why not schedule a free 30-minute consultation call with us to discuss how we can tailor a video for you and your audience.

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