Going Viral?

Hands up wants to go viral? I’m not on about catching some nasty bug but creating a post, a video, an article that explodes onto the web and gets the attention of a lot of people. For most people that is the aim of their digital marketing. They think it will help to catapult them […]

How Do I Get More Followers

As an agency, the question of “How do I get more followers?” or “I want you to get me more followers” always comes up. It’s as though the amount of followers someone has is a valuable metric. I would like to say that it is, but a more valuable metric is engagement, and that means […]

Editorial Calendar for Blogs

An Editorial Calendar is a key component of any successful blog. It enables you to strategically schedule, systemize and outsource components of your content creation. Inside an Editorial Calendar, you can see upcoming posts in the queue at a glance along with the publication date, writer and type of post. You can also see if […]

Google Core Update June 2019

I have noticed that there has been some news on the new algorithm update that Google has recently finished rolling out on 8th June 2019. “These updates just affect the smaller sites and then penalise them for being small?” In a word No. The Daily Mail is one site that has been affected and they […]

You’re Awesome

We know it you’re awesome and so is your company. How good are you at telling others just how awesome you are? As George Berkeley once said, “If a tree falls in the forest and no-one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” I’ll re-purpose George’s quote for the modern business “If […]

5 Digital Marketing Secrets for Startups

5 Digital Marketing Secrets For Startups R55 Digital Media have created a list of 5 secrets so that you can learn some secret sauces and use them in your Digital Marketing. Although these secrets are aimed at startups, if you already have an established business you can still learn from them. 1. Know your story. […]

Why are we called R55 Digital Media?

The name R55 Digital Media on the surface doesn’t tell the whole story of why we are called R55 Digital Media. The R55 harks back to the days when I used to do a lot of computer coding. I would annotate the code I wrote with ru55ell. This identified the writer as my very good […]

Explainer Videos

We all know explainer videos. The cutesy cartoon style animations that inform us and sell us new products and services. We also know how many different companies are pushing easy to use ‘drag and drop’ software that they say from one small outlay you will be able to revolutionise your video content and brand. It’s […]

Motion Graphics for Courses

Do you create online courses? Are you wondering what the best way of adding section intros is? R55 Digital Media have got your back. Once you have created your course content we will produce the section intros that you need for your video content. – We can also edit your video content as well if […]

Motion Graphics

As Business and Brand owners we all know that: Graphics are important. Video is important. But which do you use? do you just use static graphics and images? Or do you go full out on video production, hire a crew, get a storyboard and end up spending thousands? There are lots of business mentors and […]