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We are proud to have won a certificate of Excellence from Bark for providing the highest quality of service to customers.

Bark Certificate of Excellence 2019


why do our clients choose us to work with?

We listen and work with you to fully define the message of your business.

We then deliver that message in the best way possible so that the awareness of your brand and products is foremost in the minds of your potential customers.

We have many different ways of doing this and we always make sure your message is delivered in the best possible way.

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Did you know?

Every customer develops a relationship with you as a business just as they build personal relationships with other people around them.

There are clearly defined stages to these relationships, for your business it is known as the Customer Value Journey.

It is about having the right message delivered to your customer at the right time.

Delivering a message at the wrong time will instantly close the door for your product or service.

Translating it to personal relationships if your date proposes marriage on the first date you would run for the hills, after a couple of years that same message is met with a "Yes" The relationship has been built and it is the right time to ask.

Your Customer Value Journey is about building that relationship with your customer taking them through awareness, enquiring, buying, and then into brand advocates for you.


We are certified as Content Marketing Specialists

This means we know and understand what content needs to be delivered at each stage of your Customer Value Journey

We know how each piece of content is a building block in delivering the value journey for your customer.

Both existing and new.

Not got a value journey? If you have customers you will have a value journey, but you maybe don't recognise it as it has built organically over a number of years. We will work with you to allow you to understand it and then build the content to compliment your journey so that you can attract even more customers.

"R55 Digital Media don't believe in the B2B or B2C labels."

"We are humans who communicate with other humans. We use the term H2H"

We speak the same language your customers use.

We use a friendly face to communicate about your products and services to people who want to know about you.

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Our Services in detail


We create content for video with scripting and storyboarding included as standard. We can then apply Motion Graphic overlays to enhance the completed content.

If you already have your own video content we can also use that.

Motion Graphics

We animate logos and lower third graphics to be used in your video content.

Only need the motion graphics as templates to use yourself?
No problem we will create the template files you need.

We also produce explainer videos for your products and services.


We create copy for all stages of your customers journey, from generating interest to closing the sale.

This is done in the form of direct mail copywriting for email, web and follow up communications.


We help, advise and work through your content ensuring you deliver the right message at the right time.

Even the right message delivered at the wrong time has detrimental effects on the ability to turn a prospect into a customer.

We know what should be delivered at what stage of the customer journey.

Content Management

We have monthly subscription packages available at various levels to take the headache from you on creating your copy and content.

We tailor each package to suit your needs with the ability to flex up and down as you need it.


Simply send us a message to start the ball rolling.